Chit Chat + Relationship Building = $

What does small talk have to do with Knowledge Management and getting ahead? Everything according to Canada’s national news.   Small talk is a first step in networking which often helps people find jobs. Networking is a medium to create relationships, learn about people and ultimately build trust.  These are the foundations for knowledge management.  They are also the blocks for building one’s career.

Apparently, those who are good at small talk get more jobs, raises and move through the ranks to higher positions.

A couple examples ring true:

–          Five great people applied for a job and it was difficult to choose.  The one who got the job is he who spoke to the secretary in the waiting room and showed interest in learning about the company.

–          Three people applied for a job teaching at a school.  The one who talked to the interviewee about the photos on his wall, fishing and children got the job.  He also had the lowest grades.

Success doesn’t come from good grades alone.  The ability to connect, i.e. small talk, is what is moving careers.  Developing a repor with colleagues, making others feel comfortable and building trust all lead to people wanting to work with you more.

In summary, the heart of Knowledge Management is connecting people, ideas and experience.  Small talk is the starting point for making these connections.  If you are interested in people and their lives, you are fortunate.  If small talk is your weak point, start practicing!


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2 responses to “Chit Chat + Relationship Building = $

  1. Ivan

    I agree. The problem is when it becomes more important than your actual qualifications, which unfortunately happens all too often.

    Will be visiting your country in February to get my US visa again in Ottawa. I am sure you’ll be enjoying the Olympics!


    • Michelle Laurie

      However given that much work takes place via social mediums, these skills are important and in some cases under rated. Agreed – a balance is best.

      I am a wee bit east of where the Olympics are and much farther West than Ottawa. Come visit!

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