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Improving your tweets

My Uncle is a pediatrician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He took forty plus years of knowledge and wrote a book on health issues for babies (0-5 yrs).  This encyclopedia of information is a fantastic resource for any new parent!  Lately he starting tweeting tidbits of advice on Twitter and I had a look to see how I might help improve the tweets and get more followers.  Below are some of my ideas for improvement.


revised: Any regression in #developmentalmilestones raises a red flag.  #toddlers #babies


revised: Do not force your #child to eat.  It will be a battle that you seldom will win.  #toddler #eatinghabits #parenting


revised: Limit milk intake to 500-600ml (18-20 oz) daily.  Meal time should be pleasure time.  #toddler #eatinghabits #parenting


 revised: To prevent #toddler from becoming a #pickyeater do not fill his/her tummy with fluids #eatinghabits

In summary,  I added several #tags to key words that people might search for on twitter.  You can tag as many words as you want in the sentence itself or as additions at the end.  I also suggested he might gain followers if he provides real time advice.  For example, he could send a tweet like:
Have questions on the #health of your #baby #infant #toddler?  Tweet your Q’s for expert #medicaladvice  

If you have further tips for improving tweets, please share so we can help Old Doc Lester share his knowledge (and learn for ourselves too!).  You can follow him on twitter @DrMickeyLester.

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Reaching out via Twitter

In the last couple months I have come across an info graphic on Twitter that is definitely worth sharing.  Thanks to @SocialBttrfly for reposting yesterday.

As a recently new ‘tweeter’ (6 months) these stats are helpful in understanding the power of Twitter and how to harness that power.  I have learnt:

  • Tweet between 9-11am or 1-3pm
  • Tweet on Tuesdays for maximum viewing
  • I am not alone on Twitter, 1 billion tweets go out every week
The info graphic is useful as while I am experiencing the power of Twitter by crowd sourcing information, sharing ideas and learning about new things via my networks and their networks, not everyone is convinced.  The info graphic may help boost confidence in your skeptics.  Yep – it’s a fast and fun tool for communication, outreach and learning.  How can you argue when someone is joining Twitter every 5 seconds? I admit, its a bit distracting.  Still, give it a try and share your twitter handle!  @MKlaurie is now going back to work 🙂

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Websites that make me laugh

Have you ever had a technology failure during a major presentation or even a minor one?

I was surfing the web and found a hilarious site that shares cartoons on social media and a bit about its evolution.   It’s great that we can laugh about it!

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Northern Voice is happening May 13-14

Have you ever been to a conference where you interacted with great people, were exposed to new and innovative ideas and left feeling energized and inspired?  This is Northern Voice!

On Friday May 13th, Sylvia Currie and I will be hosting a session called Drawing on Walls – Large Format.  I hope you can join us there!

Sometimes our imaginations are sparked by a visual where words fail us. Think about when communities plan and imagine their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects, when groups create maps to track their progress. These are all opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue. In this session we’ll touch the paper, play with the pens, and loosen up our drawing muscles. Warning: You will stretch beyond the confines of typing on a keyboard!

Learn the basics and practice with us at Moose Camp! 


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Today was a Facebook day!

Some people I know wonder why I bother with Facebook.  What is it that draws me to the social networking site?  Well, today was a facebook day.  I managed to reconnect with old friends from summer camp (way back when) that I really loved but simply lost touch with over the years.  I remember they always played music and today I found a few videos from their current band on YouTube.  This happened via another old friend’s post on her facebook page.

I agree that facebooking with your sister in the room next door or even the neighbour down the road can be lame.  However, in our globalized world where we travel and meet great people , facebook is one method to help us easily stay in contact.  I live in a small town in the mountains of BC, Canada where most people aren’t embracing new online technologies.  I feel differently about the matter as cyber technology, including facebook, is what provides me the freedom to live in this place and continue to work in the fields that I am passionate about.    It also helps me stay connected, reduce feelings of isolation, and see photos of my family.

Thank you to all my friends on facebook who post photos and updates.  I love to hear and see what you are up to…even if we aren’t in touch as often as we would like.  And to my two new friends today (from camp), its great to be in touch again.   Despite its shortcomings, I say YAY for facebook!

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Social Media for Environmental Educators

I was recently asked how social media is relevant to environmental educators.    For a quick version of why its important, click the you tube video.

Here  is  my reply to the question:

1. 21st century communications – Social Media is the biggest shift in society since the Industrial Revolution

  • If not participating in social media as an educator you are at risk of losing your audience
  • Students use social media every day. Do you?  Can you link into their way of engaging?
  • Educators (environmental or other) need to learn and understand how to use social media tools in their teaching practice as this is how young people are communicating, sourcing information and learning new ideas in today’s world.
  • Watch this short clip I highlighted in a previous post, http://michellelaurie.com/2009/03/24/information-overload/ to be reminded of the amazing  information age we live in. Environmental Education/educators need to be a part of this.

2. Social media and marketing

  • Ideas are branded and marketed to people.  Environmental education should keep up with the best ways to get across their messages.
  • Facebook, twitter, and blogging are all tools to communicate your message and are equally important in today’s learning landscape as traditional tools such as text books, field trips and speakers.
  • If Facebook was a country – it would be the 4th largest according to its population.
  • Are environmental educators equipped and ready to build social media into their work?

Social media isn’t a fad – it’s a revolution in the way we communicate as a society.  Everyone in today’s age would benefit from embracing and understanding this form of communication to ensure they can engage and harness its power.

A few questions for the environmental educators committee:

– How old are the people on the committee designing the education platforms?

– How old are the people you are trying to reach as educators?

– Does the committee use social media?  If so, what do they think?  If not, why not?

– As educators – do you think social media is an important tool to understand more about?  If so, it is never to early to get started!

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