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Last call for Rosviz19!

3 spots left

We are in the home stretch for registration! One month until the annual graphic facilitation workshop ‘Rosviz19’ begins. There are 3 spots left. This is why you should register:

  1. You want to increase engagement in meetings and with teams, you want to add skills to your toolkit BUT you think…I can’t draw. In this workshop, I promise you will transform that thinking!


I can draw

Yes that is you jumping up with joy!


2. You are planning an event or a project and you need to visualize your timeline. You want to communicate this to your client or to your team in a simple way to share the big picture ideas. This workshop provides you with the tools and confidence to do so!

Here is a quick example:

draw your next event

A visual timeline explaining stages, dates and process.


3. You are wondering…what the heck are we going to do? Here are some ideas…

ideas for the workshop


Still not sure? Check out the video from 2018!

Details provided on this webpage.

Scholarships available on as need basis!

Contact me with your questions.

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Beyond Graphics…Our Love Journey Continues

Just Married...added after all the guests left and before the tear down. The flowers are my bouquet from the wedding.

Francois and I were married on Saturday, August 6th, 2011.  I used a graphic planning tool to help us see the big picture including all the events from start to finish.  Each week over a period of 5 months we checked off items on the list as we got closer to our wedding day.  The red pen was a valued item in our house!

Tonight we ensured that all boxed were checked, added a rainbow to symbolize our first dance “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and filled in the corner for ‘Just Married’.  The graphic has been a unifying symbol for staying on track and working together.  We know the journey will continue off the page 🙂

Our full wedding graphic August 10, 2011.


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Wedding Planning Graphic

I decided to redo my first attempt at a graphic to help plan out my wedding for this summer.  I have many sub-events within one event that spans a few months and different geographies.  My main purpose is to have something for myself in large format to scan and keep me focused.  Drawing it out created a calmness and seeing it on one page makes the task less daunting.

Some things I was thinking about included:

– Spacing

– Lists (what is a nice way to write a lot of lists?)

– Colour (too many, too little?)

– Fun

It is a great improvement from my first draft as its much more ‘use-able’.  I still think that each event needs to stand out more.  I am contemplating adding chalk or shading to each event title or trying to encircle each event.  Do you have any ideas or advice?

2nd draft of my wedding planning wall. Click the photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

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Online and Offline Tools for Weddings

Anyone who has organized a wedding likely knows that it can come with its fair share of stress.  As someone who often plans engaging events for others, the pressure is on for my own wedding!  I have found two tools that are helping me organize over the next 5 months.

1. An online website.  www.weddingwindow.com has become a saviour.  I now have a website to share my information with guests as well as guest list forms, E-vite options and a budget tracker to name a few of the handy tools.  This online forum is fun to use and helpful!

2. An offline visual.

I am just starting but this is the outline for key events!

After thinking about all the things I need to do and plan in my head, writing lists in different locations and seeing words and more words…I finally decided to map out my wedding plans visually.  This has helped me see the ‘big picture’ (literally) and keep me focused. My spacing needs work and I will likely re-do it before it gets more detailed.  However, for a start, this has calmed me and I am thankful to my visual mentors for their ongoing inspiration to make the invisible visible.

I will keep you posted!

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Quick keys for understanding complexity

Dave Snowden’s most recent video provides a quick brief in understanding the Cynefin framework he developed.

Some key points to note:

  • Cynefin framework – data proceeds the framework rather than the other way around
  • The framework helps one identify different systems – ideally you use the appropriate method to deal with different situations
  • Complexity domain involves: probe, sense, respond.  This results in emergent practice rather than something predefined.
  • Ideally, most situations are dealt within complex or complicated methods.  This means lots of people, lots of diversity and is noted as a pretty good strategy.

Snowden remarks that bureaucrats tend to work in the simple box, academics/researchers work in the complicated and politicians generally in complexity.  This is instructive to keep in mind when working with groups of people that come from these different sectors.  From my own work, I know its not easy convincing people to work within the complex domain.  Often this requires more facilitation, monitoring and adaptive capacity than the other domains.

I recommend this as a good introduction to Snowden’s Cynefin Framework for those starting down the complex path.

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