Training and Workshops

I offer a series of training and workshops to improve effective communications, facilitation and knowledge sharing.  Please contact me if you are interested in booking a workshop or combining different sessions into multi-day workshops.  I am also happy to design session specific to your needs.  Contact info at the bottom!

Graphic Facilitation Workshop Fall, 2020 (we are going virtual)!

Update July 2, 2020: Due to the global pandemic, we have been shifting our practices online. What does this mean for using visuals and supporting group process online? I am happy to announce that together with Lisa Gates, we are developing a new virtual offer with the first workshop offering this fall. Please email me if you want to be on the list for an update! E: michelle.k.laurie(@)

ROSVIZ2020 Draft1

Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 11-12, 2019 

The 9th annual Rosviz is taking place July 11-12, 2019 in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada. Join us in the mountains for this creative and inspiring retreat this year being hosted at the amazing Josie hotel at the base of Red Resort! Reserve your space at michelle.k.laurie(@)

Graphic workshop 2019

Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 9-10 & Aug 15-16, 2018 

We are back with the 8th Graphic Facilitation Workshop hosted in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada! Join us for lots of creativity, skill building and fun!

Graphic Facilitation Workshop advert 2018 copy

Facilitation Workshops for 2016


Effective Meetings part 1: Facilitating engaging meetings

Effective Participatory Meetings Workshop, Trail, B.C., 2008

Do you feel that the best part of meetings is the coffee break? A lot of us spend our days in meetings and opportunities are lost to maximize the knowledge in the room.  This course focuses on how to facilitate more effective participation from everyone in the meeting for a more engaging experience, improved knowledge sharing and ultimately improved outcomes in our work.

You will practice, learn and improve upon:

  • Participatory facilitation skills
  • Methods to create a more engaging, knowledge sharing experience
  • Designing, facilitating and participating in a great meeting for you and others


Effective Meetings part 2: Designing your engaging meeting
Do you have a meeting or workshop to plan in the near future?  Do you want to make it your best meeting yet?  Bring your real meeting ideas to this workshop and work collaboratively with an effective meeting facilitator and your peers to design a great effective and engaging meeting.  Part 1 is recommended.  This course comes with a 30 min post-workshop coaching session.

You will practice, learn and improve upon:

  • Creative methods for structuring different types of meetings
  • Developing an effective agenda for your proposed meeting
  • Choosing the best tools for engaging your meeting participants


Introduction to online communications for teams

Do you work with a remote team?  Have your email messages been misinterpreted?  Do you want to go beyond email to help your group share information?   This workshop will improve your ability to communicate with email as well as introduce a suite of free, easy to use online tools for communicating in geographically dispersed environments.

You will learn, practice and better understand:

  • Email do’s and don’ts, particularly across cultures
  • Free online tools for teams including teleconferencing, chat, surveys, meeting organizers, blogs and wikis
  • How to get your techno-phobic team started with online tools


I CAN DRAW — Hands On Writing on Walls (Intro)

Getting physical at a 2010 workshop

What if you drew your notes instead of wrote them? Visually captured what is happening at a meeting or in a classroom? Engage people beyond words and text? How would that change the experience for you and others? We’ll explore these questions as we learn to write on walls, the base elements of the practice of graphic recording and facilitation. We’ll cover basic techniques and tricks that enable any of us to draw as a way of capturing and communicating ideas with each other.

You will learn and practice:

  • Letter writing – a variety of forms
  • Iconography –  simple images anyone can draw
  • Using colour, markers and chalk
  • Tips for getting started with your own note-taking, small groups and practice


Online communication and collaboration tools

What are social softwares, Web 2.0, Blogs, Wikis, Facebook, Twitter…..This course will help you understand how to use these tools in your organization to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration as well as outreach to your constituents.  Techniques learned can be used for collaborative meeting agendas, event planning, reporting and knowledge sharing.   Participants will gain hands on experience with free online tools.


This course addresses how to give positive feedback in the workplace.  The first half is based on face to face feedback sessions that focus on solutions.  The second half focuses on feedback using email and how different communication styles can affect levels of trust when communicating over email. This is particularly relevant for geographically dispersed or remote teams.

Effective communications and facilitation 101

Effective Communications Workshop

This workshop focuses on key communications skills including active listening, summarizing and giving/receiving feedback. Self-awareness, introspection and mutual understanding to improve communications and group dynamics will also be explored. These are foundation concepts for ongoing, respectful and positive dialogue amongst employees.

Using conversations as a method to engage at work and in your community

Conversions are the key to building community!  This workshop is focused on improving the quality and quantity of our conversations in the workplace.  Areas covered will include appreciation, being positive, synthesizing and storytelling.  Techniques used will include Conversation Café, Micro-Literature and Jumpstart Storytelling.  This is an experiential workshop for learning and practicing new skills, reflecting on topics of interest and having fun.

Problem solving in teams
Do you have a burning problem/challenge in your work that others also share?  Harness the tacit knowledge that exists by using your colleagues to identify possible approaches or new lines of inquiry.  In this course you gain a new technique, how to facilitate and organize a participatory problem solving session in your workplace.

Networking tools
There is a theory that most knowledge is shared by the water cooler. Based on a belief that knowledge and learning take place through personal interactions, this workshop will focus on how to increase the quantity and quality of conversations.  It looks at techniques to help networking for meeting/conference organizers and attendees.  An additional option is to include cross-cultural communications.


1 Day workshop on Knowledge Sharing Tools for Busy Organizations

This one day workshop addresses elements from the above short courses such as effective meetings, problem solving in teams and networking skills for increased conversation and collaboration.

This workshop addresses critical questions facing organizations today:

–          How do we ensure knowledge flows easily to where it is needed?

–          How can we harness the knowledge of a team, strengthen relationships and develop shared thinking?

–          How can we build on past experiences to improve activities for the future?

–          How can an organization retain essential knowledge, particularly with an ageing workforce?

You can expect:

–          Practical, hands on approaches using experiential adult education principles

–          Different methods for project planning, meetings and reporting

–          New tools you can implement immediately for:

  • problem solving, learning, and organizational development
  • meetings as knowledge sharing opportunities
  • improved networking in workshops, seminars and conferences
  • engagement of staff and colleagues


To organize a course in your workplace or find out more information, please contact: Michelle Laurie, michelle.k.laurie(@) or call

6 responses to “Training and Workshops

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  2. Sharifah Ismail

    Hi Michelle!
    I totally enjoy yr sharings on all yr workshops. I’m curretly scouting for a good visual facilitating workshop to attend.
    Can you email me yr upcoming dates 2012 and cost for my planning purposes. And any considerations for someone flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. Michelle Laurie

    Hi Sharifah,
    Thanks for interest. I will certainly keep you posted on future workshops. We are considering one for June 2012.

  4. Michelle Laurie

    Hi Glenna! Which workshops were you interested in? There may likely be a Graphic Facilitation workshop in 2013 (we are about to start one today through Friday). Since 2009, for the other workshops I do them on demand, i.e. if there is a group that wants one we can put something together. Let me know where you are located, your interests and we can try and make something happen!

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