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Concerts, Music and Engagement

I went to a concert tonight by Jesse Cook. Besides being an extraordinary musician, he truly engaged his audience.  He got the entire room to talk, clap, cheer, hum, dance and eventually sing.  This was quite a feat for a theatre style room where everyone was seated in their rows diligently facing the stage.

Lessons can be learned here in terms of engaging the group:

1. Taking people out of their comfort zone creates a memorable experience for them.

2. Providing an opportunity to sing and dance is liberating for most people.

3. Having fun is engaging.

Of course you need to be a confident leader and your audience needs to trust you in order to confidently walk this path.  Still, I hope to learn from this wonderful musician and take some of his engagement tools into my workshops and presentations.  Thanks to Jesse Cook and his band for a wonderful evening!

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