Graphic Facilitation Workshop 2020

Rosviz2020 is celebrating 10 years! I am proud to share that close to 200 people from across BC, Alberta, Canada, the USA and beyond have joined me to learn the tools to add graphic facilitation to their tool kit.

PANDEMIC UPDATE, JULY 2nd, 2020 – In-person workshop postponed. Virtual workshop coming soon!
With COVID 19 disrupting how we work, how we hold meeting and how we travel, many changes have been happening in the world of graphic facilitation. To continue offering capacity building, I am developing a NEW workshop for Fall 2020 (date tbc) which addresses online process and the inclusion of creativity, sense making and visuals. If you are interested, please let me know with an email michelle.k.laurie(@)




An online gathering for ROSVIZ alumni is taking place July 28th, 1pm PDT. The purpose is to share skills. the gathering is free for past workshop participants. Sessions will be from 5-25 mins over a 2 hour period. If you would like to host a mini-workshop or register, please email me with your ideas.



This training is focused on creative methods to:

  • develop shared understanding;
  • gain buy-in; and
  • build real time competencies

If you plan and assess projects, facilitate meetings and write reports – the skills from this workshop are applicable immediately!

ROSVIZ2020 Draft1

Check out this video from rosviz18 to get a taste of what’s in store:

A visual summary from rosviz2019 by our guest graphic recorder Lisa Gates!



And for those who want the details in words….this is an overview of what is planned 🙂

July 22nd: I CAN DRAW – Hands-On Writing on Walls 


The first day, we will start out by touching the paper, playing with the pens and loosening up our drawing muscles. We’ll silence those pesky inner censors and address the basics of “drawing on walls” including basic shapes, lettering and some initial iconography. You will learn a variety of ways to draw faces and people, an often intimidating but key element for visual engagement. We’ll cover basic techniques and tricks that enable any of us to draw as a way of capturing and communicating ideas with each other. At the end of the day, you will apply your skills by visually planning a real project or meeting you have.  Facilitation techniques including icebreakers, giving and receiving feedback and flip chart enhancements will be interspersed throughout the day.

July 23: Using Visuals For Group Processes & Facilitation Methods 


samoan circle

The second day we will apply our graphic skills in practice.  We will explore how visuals can enhance group processes such as planning, meetings and evaluation. We will create mind maps, mandalas and a range of practical templates.  We’ll look at the use of visuals and participatory graphics (where the pen goes into everyone’s hands) with group facilitation methods such as World Cafe, Open Space, and more. We will pay attention to preparation, the actual visual work, and follow up including digital capture of paper-based images. There will be time for lots of practice, feedback and facilitation support.

Throughout the two days you will have a safe, supportive (and fun!) space to practice and build confidence for real work settings.  We also host a community of practitioners online who give constructive feedback and support long after the workshop is over.

Get the full list of what you will learn here!

Some supplies we play with over the 2 days! 

Supply table

July 24: optional day 3!

For our 10 year anniversary, I’d like to offer a day to learn, share and build on the tool kit for alumni. Ideas for a 3rd day include mini workshops on:

  • Lettering tips and tricks
  • Liberating Structures
  • Improv for facilitators
  • Participatory graphics – handing over the pens

If you would be interested to join July 24th, please let me know by May 1st as this will go ahead based on an 8 person minimum.

What people are saying: 

“I found Michelle’s graphic facilitation workshop not only applicable to my work (which I initially wondered about), but also relevant to most other areas of life. As a research manager, I’ve been less confident working with my right brain despite knowing how helpful those right-brained tools can be for public engagement. Michelle provided me with strategies, templates, and a graphic toolbox to assist in conveying sometimes complex research foci to broader audiences. I quite highly recommend this workshop to anyone organizing team meetings, engaging with the public, participating in education activities, or even helping your children with their homework. I’ll be taking it again when offered!” (Morgan Sternberg, Research Scientist, Morrow Bioscience Ltd, workshop participant 2019). 


“Your workshop was really instrumental for me in my work. I use graphics in my research and am often invited to do recordings for strategic planning or dialogue-based events.” (Katrina Plamondon, Regional Practice Leader, Research and Knowledge Translation, Interior Health, 2019, workshop participant in 2013), 

“I hired Michelle to design and deliver a training on graphic facilitation for First Nations community engagement coordinators who work in rural and remote communities. The training was fantastic focusing on relevant and innovative techniques. She worked well with the culturally diverse group as a highly skilled facilitator as well as sharing these skills with the participants. I recommend the training to others and hope to engage her again with our work in the North.” (Patricia Howard, Manager Community Engagement, First Nations Health Authority, 2018)

“I was looking for some hands on learning in graphic facilitation and was lucky to find Michelle Laurie’s annual Rosviz workshop in Rossland, B.C. She skillfully and generously shared her knowledge and experience in a fun and practical way.  I was looking to increase my skills in harvesting and sense making in real time in my workshops and dialogue sessions.  Laurie’s workshop helped me up my game (as a facilitator and process designer) and my practice in graphic facilitation has taken off like a rocket.  I apply graphic facilitation to almost everything when I have the opportunity.  It’s like Frank’s Hot Sauce commercial.  I put that s— on everything! and wow what a difference it makes for my clients who are bogged down or overwhelmed by complexity.  The feedback I get from my clients say it all.  Thanks Michelle for helping me take my work to a new level.”  (Jules Leboeuf, Department of Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta, 2018 workshop participant)


“Thanks so much to both of you!  It was an exceptional workshop and we both got a lot out of it on many levels.  You packed it full and yet it felt so fun and energizing!” (Paula Beltgens, 2014 workshop participant)

This workshop is for you if:

–       You plan a lot of meetings and want to make them more engaging, participatory, and meaningful;

–       You do planning, strategy and assessments;

–       You help groups make sense of complex ideas;

–       You want new ideas on how to make your reports, presentations and videos more visually appealing;

–       You want to be more engaging with groups;

–       You want to hone your current practice; or simply…

–       You are looking for a GIANT boost of inspiration, creativity and fresh ideas!

You might be a facilitator, community planner, team leader, trainer, teacher, project manager, marketing guru, organizational development consultant…everyone is welcome.

DATES: July 22-23, 2020; Advanced facilitation skills July 24th. 

PRICE July 22-23: $975 + GST (5%)

PRICE July 24: $399 + GST (5%)

All costs are in Canadian dollars.

July 22-23 price includes:

  • Two days of hands on training
  • Personal starter kit + bonus gifts
  • Exposure and testing of a variety of supplies
  • Huge library of resources to peruse during the workshop
  • 1:1 coaching session for each participant post-workshop
  • Post-workshop online community and support network
  • Two catered lunches + morning & afternoon snacks from the gourmet chef at the Josie Hotel

*If registering for July 22-23, add on July 24th mini-workshops for $275 + GST. 

** The agenda for July 24 advanced facilitation tools will be developed based on participant interest. Ideas thus far include: Liberating Structures with visuals, Improv, and Lettering. 

LOCATION: The stunning, new, on mountain The Josie Hotel, in Rossland, BC, Canada

  • Workshop participants receive deluxe rooms at reduced rates until June 11th using the code Michelle Laurie ($189/night). Our direct booking link! 
  • Rate is valid before and after the workshop so make it a holiday and bring the family! There is lots to do in Rossland!
  • Additional accommodation options available at the adjacent hostel, condos and air bnbs. Downtown is Rossland is a 5 min drive with additional hotel and lodging options. Check out Tourism Rossland for more ideas.
  • Nearest airports are Trail, BC, Castlegar, BC and Spokane, WA in the USA (2.5 hr drive) .


  • Three people from one organization and the 4th comes free (based on regular rate)!
  • Early bird rate for registration before April 15th: $850+GST
  • Additional day of mini-workshops for alumni and rosviz2020: $275 + GST


  • Confirm your space, email: michelle.k.laurie(@)
  • Registration is complete after payment. Options include:
    • E-transfer – michelle.k.laurie(@)
    • Paypal transfer –
    • Cheque by snail mail to: Michelle Laurie, PO Box 1063, Rossland, BC, V0G 1Y0, Canada

Maximum 16 participants (minimum of 8).

More feedback from past participants:

“It was a very interesting workshop. I am practicing drawing figures at most meetings I attend. I hope to use this new skill at a big brainstorm session coming in the fall with my teams. Thank you for a good time and course. (Sangita Sudan, General Manager of Development Services, Local Government, participant 2018)

“I wanted to send a quick thank you for hosting such a wonderful workshop. I had a fabulous time and learned a lot, even though I already took the workshop 4 years ago I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take again. The content is rich, the hands on application powerful, the people genuine and the instructors first class. Being immersed in this creative process for two whole days is an amazing experience, I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about graphic facilitation and how it can help positively transform group process.” (Fern Sabo, 2x participant 2010 & 2014)

“Loved the workshop with Nancy and Michelle…it really was practical and applicable to my work as a facilitator. I still love creating harvest walls and seeing the ripples for others who want to try it out! And also it is such a lasting memory for participants.” (Quoted in 2018 by Lee Crevier, Facilitator with Interior Health, participant 2013)

You do NOT need previous experience or have to consider yourself an artist. At some level, we can all draw and use simple visuals to enhance our communications and engage diverse audiences.

As one participant said:

“Learn to draw with wild abandon! Take this course!” (2013 participant)


And a bit more about what people are saying:

“Wonderful workshop – best learning experience ever!”

-Leva Lee, BC Campus (2013 workshop participant)

“Thanks Michelle and Nancy – the workshop was amazing – I am already craving more!”

-Janice Watt, Interior Health Authority facilitator (2013 workshop participant)

“I am still on cloud 9 after the Graphic Facilitation workshop. Thank you soooo much. I feel recharged after that! You two are such great facilitators.  You were willing to bend over backwards to ensure we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves/ learning to our full potential.  There wasn’t a moment that I was not completely engaged during the workshop. “

 -Maddy Koch,
 Community Planning Assistant (2012 workshop participant)

“The graphic facilitation workshop that Michelle and Nancy provided for Alberta Agriculture staff in fall 2011 was fantastic!  They began by setting the stage through careful preparation with the intention of the participants knowing it would be a safe place to learn, stretch their abilities and try new things.  And it worked.  Participants found the workshop to be energizing, fun, and interesting, but most of all useful.  Everyone walked away with ways they planned to incorporate the concepts into their daily work to better engage co-workers, partners and clients.  From using it in everything from agendas, minutes, flipcharts and handouts; to ice breakers, meetings, and team building; to note-taking, brainstorming and other planning processes; the graphic facilitation techniques are here to stay.  A huge thank you to Michelle and Nancy for lighting the fire!”

-Sharon Stollery
, Ag Industry Extension Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (2011 workshop)

And More Testimonials:

“What the RosViz11 gave me was the permission to draw without having to be an “artist”. Such joy! Thanks Michelle & Nancy.” -Laurie Webster
, Consultant with Cognitive Edge (2011 workshop participant)

“I have so many good things to say about the workshop I don’t know where to begin!” – Sylvia Currie, Curriculum Development and Academic Growth, BC Campus (2010 workshop participant)

“I really thought the workshops was useful for me, and I’m not an artist. In a short period of time (2 days) I was able to learn simple and effective techniques to communicate basic ideas using symbols, easy figures, and colour. What I really liked about the workshops was that it was BIG. Big paper, whole body movements, large images. I’ve always drawn on small pieces of paper and this was a whole body experience!

We also did some great listening exercises where in a short period of time, we had to illustrate big ideas (that were on an audio recording). It was a lot of fun and a new challenge.

Overall, two thumbs up!” – Rachael Roussin, Consultant (2010 workshop participant)

“Thanks for doing this again, Michelle (and Nancy!!). I highly recommend it!” – Beth Sanders, Populus Community Planning Inc. (2010 workshop participant)

About your hostess:

Your Rosviz Hostess

Michelle Laurie has hosted and led over a dozen graphic facilitation workshops since 2010.  In addition to the annual Rosviz in Rossland, she has shared the skills and fun of graphic facilitation in Edmonton, Vancouver, Kamloops, Prince George, Haida Gwaii and most recently in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  It has been an absolute pleasure to draw on walls with people working in health, the environment, community development, planning, education, marketing, agriculture and technology. On a personal level, despite being an analytical person,  visuals have brought new and meaningful ways to engage others in meetings I design and facilitate for a wide range of organizations.  It’s truly energizing! My work is at the interface of environment and development and includes strategic planning, assessments, facilitation and engagement. I help organizations, researchers and communities transform their ideas for positive change into realities on the ground.  I incorporate visuals wherever I can particularly with the use of participatory graphics, templates, animation and reporting.



I am very excited to welcome back Lisa Gates! For the fourth year, I am fortunate to have Lisa, a professional graphic recorder, illustrator and educator joining us as social reporter and guest artist for our Rossland workshop. She is a huge source of knowledge, draws a mean scroll and brings many talents to share with us! In this photo, she is demonstrating tape tricks 🙂

For questions and to register, email michelle.k.laurie(@)

A reminder…Get the full list of what you will learn here!

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