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Stories – just for kids?


Everyone likes a good story. We all know the story of Adam and Eve….I could tell you the story of how I got my first job and I would be interested to hear the story of how you fell in love. The age old tradition of story telling is as relevant as ever and I believe an underutilized tool for knowledge sharing and communications.

Still, in some circles, the use of story telling techniques are getting peoples’ messages heard. Moreover these people are facilitating the changes they want to see. A leader of narrative in the KM world, Steve Denning, uses the example of Al Gore. From 2000 to 2006 he managed to shift his ‘narrative’ to one that has inspired millions of people to start believing climate change is real as well as make him a transformational leader more broadly.

I am increasingly convinced of the benefits of story telling. In our 21st century cyber toolbox, Blogging is probably one of the simplest story telling tools for sharing knowledge. When I explain KM concepts like peer assist, the only way people really grasp it – is through stories of its use and impact. The story at the beginning of this video I made for a local project illustrates how getting peoples’ attention, stating clear goals and providing an emotional connection – key elements of a good story- all contribute to inspiring active change.

In 2006 I attended a knowledge management workshop in Brighton where we were asked to define KM. The response by a Swiss practitioner has stuck with me. He said, “Who did you talk to this week and what did you learn?” Upon reflection, I think he was asking for a story!

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Chain blog?!

I seem to be in the midst of a giant chain letter through blogging. I was tagged by Nancy White on her blog the “8 things you don’t know about me” theme.

So here goes!!

First, the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. List EIGHT random facts about yourself
3. Tag EIGHT people at the end of your post and list their names
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

8 Random Facts about me:

1. Winter is my favourite season.

2. I studied at five different universities for my undergraduate degree.

3. My mom was a t.v. star for kids before being my mom (children’s tv show hostess).

4. I live for extremes.

5. I hate driving except if its across the country/open highway.

6. I eat only hunted meat (otherwise vegetarian).

7. I have spent a fair bit of time going to foreign places to live out my passion for learning new languages.

8. I believe almost anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Here are the names of people on my hit list for this chain blog:

Stewart Spooner

Aslak Prestbakmo

– Gillian Martin Mehers

Gary Ockenden

Hmmm….I am running out of people….I guess I don’t know too many bloggers! So feel free to leave a comment and I will add you to the list.

Happy holidays!

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Blogging Blues

With a title like Blogging Blues you must know I am about to rant. Yessssss…….I have been accumulating several blog ideas and have yet to sit down to write. I feel guilty because I am committed to the Blog, I have been teaching a short course on Blogging, I love blogging – yet I am still ranting about no time to actually do the act.

I will not give up – so please bear with me and visit again! More blogs to come in the near future, I promise.

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Canoeing and Blogging?


What is this the relationship between a Blog and a Canoe? Both inspire reflective actions but one is explicit and the other is quite private. After 10 days away from the computer and a notable absence from blogging, I do feel a little guilty. However, despite the silence, the art of reflection has been rampant. For the moment I am working out how to organize all the thoughts and get back into ‘managing’ the complexities of the mind.

I am committed to the blog and will be back on line this fall for more thoughts on KM, the environment, development and other fun things. Until next time, long live summer thoughts.

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Feedback….yes? no? good? bad?


If this Blog was capable of video, I would have uploaded a live clip of this women’s group from Tchachou, Benin. When the women agree with what you say, they sing and clap for you to express their agreement. While at first shocking it was quite reassuring to know how they felt. It turned a one-way dialogue into a two-way discussion.

It made me think about the act of blogging and the role of feedback. At present, most feedback I receive (and its limited) is in the form of private emails. I appreciate this and am motivated by the discussions that spin off. Still, when starting to explore Blogs, I had the objective of initiating conversations in the public domain. I imagined this taking the form of blog comments or debates. While today I received my first public commentary (see blog entry Taking time to reflect), after blogging for a few weeks now, I don’t feel I have been able to truly realize my expectations.

My question is: What are the characteristics of a Blog that inspires conversation rather than monologue?

Feedback is welcome 🙂



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Categories / Tags

I don’t seem to be able to create my own tags / categories.  I seem to have to choose from Michelle’s list as she is the Administrator..? Can any bloggers tell me if this is the case?

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Categories / Tags

I don’t seem to be able to create my own tags / categories.  I seem to have to choose from Michelle’s list as she is the Administrator..? Can any bloggers tell me if this is the case?

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Blog 2 – its getting easier

I was a little frustrated this morning trying to figure out WordPress blogging.  However, now I think it might have been some settings on my work computer.  I am testing out the blog at home and everything seems to work fine.  It is getting easier!! 

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