Learning from comics


I had the pleasure of taking a 2-day comic book making workshop with Scott McCloud a couple months ago.  I was interested in the process of storyboarding and ‘choosing moments’ as Scott so eloquently puts it.  I think this will be usefulf for graphic facilitation, strategic planning and general communications.

Some of my work over the last few years has focused on translating complicated ideas (like climate change and international water governance) into simple terms for general audiences to understand.  Often these end up as presentations, fact sheets or if I’m lucky, a video or animation.  However, if anyone has worked by committee you likely know that after every unit from technical scientists to communications professionals has put in their edits…it’s not always that easy to understand the result.  I am dreaming of the client who wants to use comics to engage audiences in fun, simple ways…

This article links the process of using comics to innovation.  After 2 days of listening, learning and drawing with Scott McCloud and others – I am more convinced than ever that the mix of visual and texts engages people in ways that words alone cannot.


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by | Tuesday, May 7, 2013 · 7:12 pm

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