Should I Work For Free?


Shouting out to all the consultants in the world, have you been asked to work for free?  Do you sometimes ask others to work for free?  Personally, I spent many years volunteering in my community and internationally as well as taking an internship for a year to help gain skills, confidence and an entry point into a great career. I don’t regret any of it! As I continue to build my knowledge and grow as a person I still do occasional work pro bono for the shared learning experience.  Moreover, there are worthy organizations that simply don’t have budgets and thus deserve a reduced rate.

However there are also limits!  Jessica Hische lays it out beautifully in this info graphic on if you should work for free.  I love the way it is presented and it made me laugh a lot.  Yes, we have all been in these situations.  Lessons learned?  Never charge your mother, explore your creativity and beyond that you are selling yourself short if you work for free.

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