Vizualize me?

I just tested out a website that ‘visualizes’ your CV.  It’s an interesting concept and I like some of the ways it portrays information.  In other ways, I am not sure it does my experience justice.

What I like is:

  • Blocks of information
  • Colour and icons
  • Maps to display information such as languages
  • Recommendations on the page
  • Links to Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog
What I don’t like is:
  • The columns for education and experience are the same size even though the length of information is not
  • Education is at the top, equal to experience.  I prefer it to go lower down, less profile.
  • You can only see the top / most recent work experiences
  • The map re languages takes up one third of the page however is not the most important information
  • The design options/layout seem limited
After some fiddling around with themes and fonts, I found one a template that worked for me better:
The concept of visualizing one’s CV is great and while I am not 100% convinced with the beta software yet, what it has done is given me new ideas of how I might present information (more creatively) on my CV in the future.  Thank you!  And you can check out my ‘draft’ online CV here:

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