Getting to visual…

As I plan for a graphic facilitation workshop in October I am thinking about the power of visuals and visual thinking.  Below are some inspiring places online I have been visiting:

  • A Ted Talk by Suni Brown speaks to how people learn including auditory, visually, kinesthetic and with emotion (the heart).  She says doodling helps link audio and visual, increasing your chances to retain information.  Yes, wrapping tables with paper during conversation cafes is more than beautifying the room!
  • It’s not easy to let go of the inner sensor and start putting pen to paper. Small exercises at your desk or online can help.  Here are two online activities that are great: Draw a stickman!  The lettering webinar with Rachel Smith.
  • The blog of Nancy White, my co-conspirator for the Edmonton workshop, which often has resources and photos on graphic facilitation and recording.
 Thanks to all the visual thinkers out there for continuing to share your great work and ideas!

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