Beyond Graphics…Our Love Journey Continues

Just Married...added after all the guests left and before the tear down. The flowers are my bouquet from the wedding.

Francois and I were married on Saturday, August 6th, 2011.  I used a graphic planning tool to help us see the big picture including all the events from start to finish.  Each week over a period of 5 months we checked off items on the list as we got closer to our wedding day.  The red pen was a valued item in our house!

Tonight we ensured that all boxed were checked, added a rainbow to symbolize our first dance “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and filled in the corner for ‘Just Married’.  The graphic has been a unifying symbol for staying on track and working together.  We know the journey will continue off the page 🙂

Our full wedding graphic August 10, 2011.



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2 responses to “Beyond Graphics…Our Love Journey Continues

  1. Anni

    fantastic graphic of your journey, plus a beautiful way to keep you on track…want to know if “brownies” on the list somewhere? lol,

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