Kick Off Graphic Jam

Hi all,

This is a re-post from Social Reporter Sylvia Currie and her blog “Webbed Feet“.

Thanks to Sylvia, I will be posting several links in the coming days to workshop interviews, videos, photos and blog posts!


Welcome sign by Michelle Laurie
Our workshop agenda

Yesterday we arrived in Rossland, British Columbia from a variety of locations for the 2nd annual Graphic Facilitation workshop. A few of us did some prep work to get ready for the kick of graphic jam — hanging paper, prepping the floor space with plastic to catch chalk dust, and throwing open the curtains to let the natural light in.

It was exciting to put names to faces and learn about the various backgrounds and reasons for coming to the 3-day workshop. The first activity was a visual introduction. In 5 minutes the 20 participants came up with drawings that gave us a lot to talk about! We toured the room and participants described what they saw. Not your traditional round robin intros!

Violette Clark creating her visual introduction

Next Nancy made sure we warmed up properly and became aware of space around us by using our whole bodies. BIG circles! Rockin’ straight lines!

From there Nancy introduced participants to basic concepts around lettering, spacing, colour, and everything else that emerged from the group. One thing I really appreciate about Nancy White’s teaching style is that she uses the work of participants to point out different styles, design principles, impact of colour, use of space, and so on. We don’t always work through all skills and concepts systematically. By the end of the evening graphic jam we were talking about what works, what frustrates us, what we’re curious about… because we had plenty of time to experiment.

Yes we can! Close up of drawing by Sara Davis

We’re capturing bits and pieces that will give you a glimpse of what happens in the #rosviz graphic facilitation workshop. On to day 2!


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