Online and Offline Tools for Weddings

Anyone who has organized a wedding likely knows that it can come with its fair share of stress.  As someone who often plans engaging events for others, the pressure is on for my own wedding!  I have found two tools that are helping me organize over the next 5 months.

1. An online website. has become a saviour.  I now have a website to share my information with guests as well as guest list forms, E-vite options and a budget tracker to name a few of the handy tools.  This online forum is fun to use and helpful!

2. An offline visual.

I am just starting but this is the outline for key events!

After thinking about all the things I need to do and plan in my head, writing lists in different locations and seeing words and more words…I finally decided to map out my wedding plans visually.  This has helped me see the ‘big picture’ (literally) and keep me focused. My spacing needs work and I will likely re-do it before it gets more detailed.  However, for a start, this has calmed me and I am thankful to my visual mentors for their ongoing inspiration to make the invisible visible.

I will keep you posted!

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