People perspective and empowerment

Rachael and Nadine using their entire body to draw arcs on the paper

Today was Day 1 of the Graphic Facilitation Workshop I have been organizing with Nancy White.  I organized the workshop with the ulterior motive of wanting to take the workshop and learn more about visual practice.  It was a great day!

Some of the things we talked about and experimented with included:

–        Perspective

–        People

–        Build repertoire of icons

–        Sense of motion (e.g. lines)

–        Foundational work at the bottom

–        Linking ideas and thoughts, theme in center with circles around this, river as connector,

–        Colour as meaning (for people you work with, for cultures, warm/cool colours)

–        Recording – Listen, synthesize, share

–        Participatory – visuals are negotiable, stimulate divergent thinking

–        Space and size

–        Framing of the page

Everyone learned a lot in a few short hours…and people found this evolution very empowering.  Creativity was flowing and now everyone wonders…when and where can we use this in practice?  Are there safe spaces?  Will people be willing to play along?  Some advice we were given: Be Obvious, Accept Offers, Fail Cheerfully.

My first practice piece - circles, lines, letters and chalk

My 2nd practice piece - people, shading, W's

And at then end of the day, people were asked to provide 3 words each.  This is what we were feeling as a group:

16 people, three words each

Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!

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