Graphic Facilitation – I want to see more!

Graphic Recording example, Michael Hepher, 2009

I first was asked to engage in drawing at a KM4Dev workshop in 2006.  The hosts used a technique called river of life, a visual narrative method that helps people tell stories of the past, present and future.   Since then, I have been forever intrigued as I catch glimpses of incorporating graphics at workshops and meetings.  These are glimpses as most often no one asks me to participate in visually depicting my thoughts at meetings.

Last year, I hired a graphic recorder to draw out a meeting as I facilitated it.  A few examples are incorporated into this blog post.  The summary of the meeting was enhanced with the key words and visuals that Michael Hepher highlighted throughout the day.  It was amazing how the different panels he created came together to tell a simple story of what had taken place.  This was a wonderful addition to our meeting that all participants appreciated.  So how can we see more of this in our work environments?

When I looked into practitioners in my rural area, I only found one.  When I looked into training, I discovered this exists in Victoria, BC and in San Francisco, California.    Finding trained visual practitioners is not easy.

With the desire to see more creativity around me, I decided to team up with a trainer to offer a capacity building workshop in rural British Columbia.  This workshop will focus on the powerful interactive graphic methods we can all use in our meetings to enhance our abilities to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

On August 9-10, 2010, I am pleased to share with you the opportunity to learn the techniques of writing on walls, visually interacting in meetings and workshops, and the art of recording via symbols, icons and using space.

All details, including how to register, can be found here!

A second example of a graphic by Michael Hepher, 2009.

Come to the workshop and get creative.  I truly want to see more graphic facilitation taking place!


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