3 Bears and Random Postings

I was inspired to reinvigorate my blog after the fantastic Northern Voice conference.  There was a fascinating session on if blogging is dead that has led me to believe that no- it’s not dead.  Blogging has a purpose.  For me blogging is very much about reflective practice.

Blogging did start to die off for me in the past year when I looked at my blog as part of my profession.  In that case I limited the scope to topics that strictly dealt with Knowledge Management.  I didn’t write about other work I do related to climate change, sustainability or my rural life, which I used to comment on from time to time.  I know people look at blogs for work or to find out about a person so I felt timid to share openly.

The people that I met at this conference and the discussions I had (even on the topic of openness) have led me to think about my blog more broadly.  I will write on whatever inspires me, KM, sustainable development or my life.  This has opened up all sorts of creative thoughts. I now have a list of ideas I want to blog about… when I find the time.

I sign off with this reflection.

Tonight, as I was walking home from a community meeting, I saw 3 bears crossing the road.  It startled me and I stood still.  I was living in the moment for those few seconds.   As someone whose profession is dedicated to reflecting, learning and planning, I appreciate being forced into the here and now.  Thank you to the bears.

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