What is in a wave?

If you haven’t been using Google Wave than you are missing out.  This tool, recently put out by invitation only in preview format by Google, is truly genius.

This tool helped me effectively and efficiently collaborate on a proposal with a colleague in a different timezone.  It was amazing and this is what we were able to do on our first try:

  • Type on the same page at the same time
  • Edit on our own time
  • View past edits of the other in our own time with the playback feature
  • View edits in real time as Google highlights new text and crosses out deleted text of the collaborator
  • Have constant back-up of our work at all times (no need to press save)
  • Improved collaboration overall as together we visually saw the text we wanted to communicate

This tool helped us save time and allowed us to put thoughts to paper together!

My only complaint is that the formatting didn’t hold up when we copy and pasted into Word.  However, Google has a survey you can take regarding the tool and they now have that feedback.

I have 23 subscriptions to Google Wave Preview that I can send out.  Let me know if you need an invite.

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