Communities and Network Connections Launch

 Have you ever felt that technology and the internet are always one step ahead?  Over the last few days I have dipped my toe in new waters and discovered a world of internet collaboration options.  I have linked my blog content to a larger site that houses many bloggers all writing on a similar topic.  It is like a clearinghouse for information on Communities and Network Connections.

As a participant I was asked to post a few things on my blog to help the searching and keyword capabilities.  After some technical difficulties, I managed to upload my new features – check out the key words option as it is quite cool.  You can see on the right side of my blog that it picks up words I use a lot and links them to blog entries on the subject.  These are grouped on the Communities and Network Connections site which is bringing together content from all different blogs.  

I am interested to see how this social experiment plays out.  I am not sure about how it will actually ‘build community’ yet but I already found interesting information in the blogs sitting together by topic areas on the main site.    Thanks to Nancy White for inviting me to play.  Learning lots already!!


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