I think I am a xenophilia

I just read a great blog entry on the connections between homophily, serendipity and xenophilia.  Given I didn’t quite know what all these actually meant prior to reading, it was very informative.

The article describes homophily as: “Homophily” is a remarkably useful term, a compact word that succinctly expresses the idea that “birds of a feather flock together” – that you’re likely to befriend, talk to, work with and share ideas with people who’ve got common ethnic, religious and economic background with you.  He then questions as to what this means in politics, life and even if this makes one stupid.  For example, by sticking to those with your own thoughts, you are apt to miss huge trends.  Great picture of sheep!!

Serendipity is described as, “pleasantly surprising” or “accidental discoveries”.

Xenophilia is described as, “There are people in the world who are genuinely fascinated by the very breadth, complexity and difference of the world.”

Check out the article here!!



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2 responses to “I think I am a xenophilia

  1. Fireweed

    Serendipity is what blogging is all about, I think. Blogging, for me has been one serendpitous discovery after another (and I’ve only been at it for one month!).

    As for Xenophilia – this is one irony of living in a small town. Instead of closing your mind to other types of people, it seems to open it. Why? Because in a large city one can find one’s flock, stick with them, and point fingers at those on the outside that one chooes not associate with, and thus do not understand. In a small rural area, you have to deal with everybody, no matter how greatly their worldview diverges from your own. So, I never thought I would become friendly with loggers and guys who work up north in the oil patch 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, ranchers, or even mill workers. But these people are my neighbours and the people I meet at community events. If I’d remained in the city I would never have learned to accept people so drastically different from myself, and to learn that they are as good, interesting and complex as people as anyone else. So world travel and exposure to other cultures may definitely foster xenophilia, but it also arises in the least expected of places – either way, I love it, and I LOVE the word!

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