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Recently I met with an organizational learning and development specialist who lives in my town. I wanted to know more about the institution he works with and if they might be interested in some of my practical KM courses. He is very much into story telling, particularly narrative capture. The story of my meeting goes something like this:

Office space in the outdoors

I knew it would be a good meeting when the location chosen was the backcountry. We would do a small small ski tour on a local mountain. The snow was falling, we had a few hours to hike, and plenty of time to talk. On the uptrack we learned about each other’s work, interests and possible avenues for collaboration. This was followed by sweet powder turns – something we both appreciated. (Note: skiing is a favourite past time of many Kootenay folks however most people convene in traditional office spaces.)


Once back at the truck, it didn’t start.


That is Terry hitching a ride home for us.

Not to worry – this story has a happy ending including discussions for future collaboration over a cup of coffee.

I feel a lot was accomplished in the few short hours of walking and talking. I am uncertain if we would have arrived at the same outcomes if sitting in a boardroom. Perhaps yes…but in support of the local culture, I will take a backcountry meeting any day. Besides, isn’t KM about open space?


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  1. Terry

    I wanted to ditto Michelle’s comments about the great venue we shared as we talked about how knowledge, people & organizations mix together.
    Trees, snow, the uphill sweat and the downhill rush all added to a great day at the office.

    I also had a chance to look into the snowpack to try and hear its message to us re: snowpack stability. Analyzing the snow and making decisions within the context of safety in avalanche country and the fun of skiing is a natural metaphor for the work we do. Thanks Michelle. Great morning of skiing and learning.

    ps. My ’93 Dodge has quite on its own decided to become reliable again without any intervention on my part or that of a mechanic.

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