Thoughts on SLC & urban mountaineering


I spent the last week visiting my friend Sarah in her new residence – Salt Lake City, Utah. I came equipped with Kootenay beer, skis for all occasions and adventurous spirit. We had a blast skiing at Snowbird, Alta, 3 days in the back country and ice climbing in addition to the partying, eating and hanging out. We were Team Snoop Daddy and the skis sure rocked!


The Wasatch is a very cool place but requires one to be patient and accepting of the urban scene. People are keen recreationalists. In some cases they ski tour at dawn and are at work by 9am. This ensures that skin tracks are set for those of us who have the day off. Still, I found it kind of annoying. Roads aren’t far, cars are passing by and people are everywhere.

The suburban area just below the valley is primely located to ski, climb and get into the mountains. Again – great access but wierdness persists. It is suburbia in all its essence with repetitive housing designs, insane xmas light set-ups and car access in order to get anywhere. Salt Lake City is the epitomy of sprawl.


I had a great visit to Utah and I can’t complain about the great access, snow and company! But, I was happy to return to Rossland where we have a small ski resort looking over the town, a grocery store within walking distance and funky mining shacks scattered up and down the hillside. It’s got character and soul. These are characteristics worth preserving!!


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  1. Found you via Nancy White’s blog – love this post! I went to Uni in Flagstaff, Arizona in the late 80s and it has since succumbed to the cancers of housing developments, chain stores, theme restaurants and overly cutesy urban planning. Rossland sounds great! Looking forward to reading more of your work in the New Year.

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