Backyard gardens – manicured? wild? TV?


I read an article the other day in the Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) which spoke about the backyard garden conflicts – those who like it well manicured and those who like it wild. It seems there are guerilla wars taking place in cities where gardens are being bulldozed in the black of night… more dandelions!! Personally, I understand the desire to keep it wild as it brings a little bit of the wilderness back into our lives.

I wonder where my garden would fit into the debate?


Yes, I am an amateur gardener. But heck, I can watch my favourite cartoonist (Leunig) while doing a little weeding.

Cheers to creative home art installations!!

For the full scoop, check out:



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3 responses to “Backyard gardens – manicured? wild? TV?

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  2. hi!!

    this is cute.i’m an amateur gardner too..

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