Feedback….yes? no? good? bad?


If this Blog was capable of video, I would have uploaded a live clip of this women’s group from Tchachou, Benin. When the women agree with what you say, they sing and clap for you to express their agreement. While at first shocking it was quite reassuring to know how they felt. It turned a one-way dialogue into a two-way discussion.

It made me think about the act of blogging and the role of feedback. At present, most feedback I receive (and its limited) is in the form of private emails. I appreciate this and am motivated by the discussions that spin off. Still, when starting to explore Blogs, I had the objective of initiating conversations in the public domain. I imagined this taking the form of blog comments or debates. While today I received my first public commentary (see blog entry Taking time to reflect), after blogging for a few weeks now, I don’t feel I have been able to truly realize my expectations.

My question is: What are the characteristics of a Blog that inspires conversation rather than monologue?

Feedback is welcome 🙂



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6 responses to “Feedback….yes? no? good? bad?

  1. sobiop

    Well, that makes two of us.

  2. Eli Baker

    Hey Michelle,

    My response to your question is the same reason its taken so long to write: time. One needs time to enter into a dialogue, be it in real life or cyberspace. As you can guess, I’ve had very little time lately. Hope your biking scars have healed. I’m still hoping to see you in Rossland in August. I better get training! Looking forward to catching up.

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  4. Jaap

    Hi Michelle,
    Video in WordPress is possible …
    Best, Jaap

  5. Michelle Laurie

    Hi Jaap,

    I don’t have your email but I would love to know how to upload. Is it a possibility on the version that one doesn’t download (i.e. Would be great!

    Thanks for any info and hope all is well over the pond.

  6. rowanfamilytree

    Hi… it’s easy to do video on wordpress. Just upload your vid to youtube. Then selest “videos” instead of “upload” like you do for pics when you are writing on wordpress. Paste the code, and replace their vid addie with yours. Voila.

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