Water from the tap


My wife looks much better these days!! This was the comment of one man after a water pump was installed in his rural village. Basically access to water resulted in the women not having to travel kilometers and kilometers to take their animals to find water. This was difficult work and wore on women’s health. Installing a water pump combined with the construction of a village heath center has contributed to reduced health problems and overall mortality rates.




The local water source has impacted the village in other ways too. In the past the men spent a minimum of a half day fetching water with their horses at a source five kilometers away. Now, with more free time, they use these same horses to do jobs which earn them additional income.



While visiting this village to learn how knowledge was used and shared, it is clear that the community has banded together through the development efforts. They are managing their new services through the creation of various participatory institutions. The people have seen results from their work and are looking to new ideas to improve their livelihoods. In summary, access to water has improved health, improved incomes and improved motivation.

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  1. Stewart

    Nice pics and informative little stories. Keep em coming.

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