Hot hot hot!


It’s dry, dusty and red.  At times a pool of water enters the landscape, a little greener, more hope, birds fly by.  Red, blue, green.  I see a roadside hut, a small village and people seeking shade under the canopy of a large tree.  Three young boys bouncing away on a donkey cart.  The landscape goes on forever.  


Truck, donkey, bicycle…we share the same road to town.  An old man in sandals passes with his MP3 player.  A woman selling mangoes chats on her mobile phone.  Goats, children and old ladies squat on the corner.  Someone sells me a fake Casio watch.  It’s happy and sad, old and new, poor – yet not – all at the same time.  It’s hot.  It’s real. It’s A-Freeeeak-A.



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