Where am I?


Have you ever woken up somewhere and wondered where you are? These days I experience that feeling often. From moving across continents to visiting friends in my new home region, I still haven’t managed to find ‘normality’. In that spirit, I write this short thought. This morning I woke up in Dakar, Senegal. Tomorrow I will wake up in Tambakounda. Over the next 25 days I will visit a number of projects for my work with IFAD including travel to Ghana (Accra, Tamale, Bolga, Kumasi) and then driving to Benin (Cotonou, Parakou) and back to Dakar. On that note, I won’t expect to know where I am each morning and I am ready to embrace the unknown to come. I guess its just getting comfortable with the idea….and while I am looking forward to the learning, sharing and experiences of the next month, I feel great knowing that when it is over I will return to the place I know and have decided to live back in BC.


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  1. Liazzat

    hi Michelle,
    nice blog, deep and well expressed thoughts. i like it. i wish you a lot of professional and personal satisfaction in your freelance career!
    Btw, i know that thought you are talking about in this posting, and lucky you who know where you want to live…

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