Lizzie’s Now An Author

I’ve upgraded myself (using Michelle’s log-in as the Adminstrator) to Author, to compare it with being a Contributor.  I’m wondering whether or not Michelle now still has to moderate my posts before they appear?



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4 responses to “Lizzie’s Now An Author

  1. crudgingtone

    Ahah! I’ve now learned that as an Author, my posts don’t need moderation by a blog Administrator… and i’m guessing that my comments no longer need moderation either…?

  2. crudgingtone

    Great. As an Author, I am free to write posts and comments without moderation. I think this is the setting we need for people in the LLS.

  3. crudgingtone

    And I see I can edit posts too 🙂 (via a link in the blue bar at the very top of the page)

  4. Michelle

    So do I need to authorize anything then….i have a bunch of emails in my box from wordpress…trying to figure out if this is online or I need to approve….from first glance, looks good!

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