Encouraging WIKI usage

I started a WIKI for my current work in order to effectively and efficiently plan for a meeting.  It appears to work with some but not with others.  My goal at the moment is to understand how to get everyone on it and contributing.  Basically, I have 50 people from over 30 countries that need to work together for the next four years and will be meeting together at the end of March.  In preparation, I made the WIKI with links to information about the meeting, a survey they need to complete and a contacts page which they can fill in for example.  So far, five of the fifty have contributed.  On a positive note, I trained a colleague from DRC (Congo) by phone and he seemed to get it.  I think there may be a need for one on one training with people in order to ensure they are grasping the concepts.  Its new but not difficult.  At present I feel there is potential but not fuly convinced it will work.  I haven’t even started with the blogs yet…hmmmm…….


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4 responses to “Encouraging WIKI usage

  1. Michelle Laurie

    I am testing what a comment looks like.

  2. crudgingtone

    Hi Michelle,

    I set myself up on wordpress – signing up for ‘just a username’, then signed in as you and assigned myself a ‘contributor’ to your site. So here goes… i’m contributing 🙂

  3. crudgingtone

    p.s. as soon as I posted my last message I saw a message saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

  4. 'Wale Adeleke

    Just to say that I managed to look at your blog site today. Your West Africa trip seems interesting and I think there are lessons to be learnt from your report. Keep on trucking!!!!

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